This is the easiest part, since it is your garden you are free to help in all areas of the garden.  Some people have restrictions and can’t get down to the ground.  No problem, we have standing beds as well.


In order to keep the garden flourishing we need your help in the form of adoption of a plot or direct need donations.  There are 38 raised bed plots and 2 large standing plots for herbs.  In adopting a plot we ask for a $20.00 for the entire season.  Don’t know that you can tend the plot?  No problem our volunteers will do it for you.

Your donation covers the cost of water.  There is a free-standing yard hydrant on site.  It also goes to starter plants, soil, enrichment’s, tools, and up-and-coming additions to the garden.

The garden is open to anyone, whether you adopt a plot or not.  It is a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with your community, bring your family, hold club meetings all while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Contact Lisa Singleton at 317.796.0004 or