I have done my fair share of traveling around the United States and a few places outside our borders.  However, that was what feels like a lifetime ago.  My son and I created a new chapter in our lives a little over a year ago and would like to share this chapter with my readers.

Excited to announce that we are taking a trip to Washington DC, then to NYC.  Colin (my son) is a huge Hamilton fan.  (Let’s face it, we all are).  He has been pleading with me to take him on this trip to see historical sites regarding Hamilton, and our Founding Fathers.  ROAD TRIP!

First we get to see our good friend, Kristen, who lives in VA (just outside DC).  We plan visiting the Museum of American History, Library of Congress, National Post Office…these are all of my son’s choosing.  Perhaps we’ll be able to see the Washington Monument from a distance or stumble by the Lincoln Memorial.  #momskillfun

Off to NYC we go!  Our big plans are Hamilton Grange, Trinity Church, Weehawken, NJ and the 9/11 Memorial.  There is a good chance we’ll drive past the Empire State Building or through Times Square.  I actually lived in New York for about 3 years so I have a pretty good idea what to expect while we are there.

Back home again for us as we travel the mere 11 hours to our front door.  Did I mention my son is too young to drive?

So follow us on our new adventure which starts Sunday, March 13th.  Love to read your comments!