I don’t know if other RV owners have an actual plan in place on where they will put their new beauty while they work on it (if it’s a remodel).  I had a general idea; however I really didn’t bet on it being as difficult as it was.

I had a friend, who has mad trailer-backing-up skills, to move Darcy (my RV) into my fenced in backyard.  They felt confident that they could “inch” her into place.  What actually happened was this:

She could only fit right inside the gate, which left her right smack in the middle of my backyard.  As you can see from the photo, it also is right up to the fire pit.  Fire + Darcy = BAD.

I don’t have photos but we ended up taking off the 3 sections of fencing in the back (the 2 gate doors and one panel).  Using those “mad skills” they were able to back her right between the fence posts, measuring at a snug 8′ 5″.

She is now in place and ready for my full attention.

Do you have any remodel stories you would like to share (photos are even better!)

Stay tuned!