Lisa Living little started with a journey into Tiny Living with my son, Colin and our precious fur-babies, Sansa and Emmy.

Sansa & Emmy

Emmy and Colin

About lisa


Re-building and designing a tiny home brought out a passion of creativity in me that there wasn’t enough paint, wood, and paper in the world to fill my heart.

Through a process of trying everything crafty and new, and finally sizing it down to my true passions, was a task in of itself.

Coming out of a marriage (there have been a couple frankly) of abuse, infidelity and abandonment which put a shiny hard-coating around my exterior.  It was that or a nervous breakdown.  I just don’t remember.  Never feeling as if I’d get to the other side of the pain, loneliness, and depression I just knew the only person that was going to get me through, was me.

I began craft designing and creating specialty paper flowers (along with my obsession of bullet journaling) as a stress-reliever, which turned into a lifestyle.  I’m excited to share my ideas and techniques, most of which I had to learn from scratch.  I am also ready to share my road to self-awareness, along with the path that has led me to you.  It wasn’t an easy one.  Hopefully, sharing my story will inspire and promote just one person reading this.

I am blessed with my 15 yr old son, Colin, but also my two adult children (Cecily and Robert), thriving in a wonderful Christian environment.  It has been a long, hard road to get to this point in my life.  Thanks for joining in on the ride.

A quote I heard today…”Stop living the life that you expected and start living the life you have.”  Let’s do this together!