How to Build a Garden Arch Trellis

How to Build a Garden Arch Trellis

A garden arch trellis can be used for decoration or for function (it is also referred to as vertical growing).  Owning and managing a large community garden takes A LOT of effort.  Last year it was nearly impossible with keeping up on weeds and plants taking over the garden.

This year I have created trellis systems for the plants that just want to take over.  Such plants as cantaloupe, cucumber, squash, zucchini, watermelon and pumpkin.  Thankfully this year I have some really dedicated volunteers that have helped keep up on all of the garden maintenance.  Volunteers = much love!

I will say that these items were donated just before I was about to buy them from Lowe’s.  This was definitely a two-person project!

I used green steel farm T posts and put them in the ground with a post smasher (okay, I have no idea what the name of the heavy metal tube I used to slam them into the ground is!).  After all of them were placed (I used 6 per raised bed box) it took two of us to secure one side of the panel using heavy duty zip ties and then bending it to our will on the opposite side.

It looks awesome and highly functional.  I can’t wait for the growing to begin.

To liven it up a bit, I planted vine growing flowers beside each panel to add some color when everything starts to bloom.

Here are some other ideas I found as I was researching this project, a few different styles that were pretty awesome as well.


This trellis/vertical system is just as effective, there are a few more steps involved, but I love the way it looks.







This squash trellis uses PVC pipe, you can use a plastic spray paint to create any look that you would like to.  My concern (even with the correct paint) is that by the end of the year the paint will start fading or scratching off.










Let your imagination run free and there are lots of different ways to create a trellis system.  Ladders, bamboo, and wire just to name a few.

As always, I enjoy sharing with you.









We’ve moved (in just one day)

We’ve moved (in just one day)

What does it take to move a 45 raised bed community garden in one day.

  • 8 really dedicated volunteers
  • One long bed trailer
  • One large bed trailer
  • One family van
  • One S10 truck

We were able to dismantle the pergola, remove and load about 100 paver stones, take the sign (along with the stone surrounding it), ALL of the beds and some miscellaneous items.

It felt grueling for me because I had just returned from a frenzied trip to DC/NYC (roadtrip!)

Everyone was awesome to meet, spend the day with, and now call a friend.  There is NO WAY I could have done this alone.

One of the things I need to get used to saying is US, not me.  Growing Anderson has found a home that truly has a family.