You got to move it, move it!

You got to move it, move it!

I don’t know if other RV owners have an actual plan in place on where they will put their new beauty while they work on it (if it’s a remodel).  I had a general idea; however I really didn’t bet on it being as difficult as it was.

I had a friend, who has mad trailer-backing-up skills, to move Darcy (my RV) into my fenced in backyard.  They felt confident that they could “inch” her into place.  What actually happened was this:

She could only fit right inside the gate, which left her right smack in the middle of my backyard.  As you can see from the photo, it also is right up to the fire pit.  Fire + Darcy = BAD.

I don’t have photos but we ended up taking off the 3 sections of fencing in the back (the 2 gate doors and one panel).  Using those “mad skills” they were able to back her right between the fence posts, measuring at a snug 8′ 5″.

She is now in place and ready for my full attention.

Do you have any remodel stories you would like to share (photos are even better!)

Stay tuned!

Meet Darcy – Littler House (RV)

Meet Darcy – Littler House (RV)

Since, well, as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed miniatures, from dollhouses to helping (cough, cough, doing) my kids diorama for school projects. As I got older I was shamed into putting my dollhouses away (and my kids graduated). I moved on to miniature gardens. I really got my tiny on, until I found Tiny Living was a way of life, what?! Okay, I’m all in! My friends and family stopped laughing at me years ago. They just learned to lean “away” when an idea got trapped in my head.

With a change in status came a change in lifestyle. My 15 year old son, Colin, and I moved into our Tiny House. Putting aside the snobbery of the Tiny House community, we live in 500 sq ft. Just large enough to bring 20% of my stuff into our new chapter. My son was a champ about letting his stuff go. Me on the other hand had to hide things and pretend they never existed before I could let then go.

My oldest, Robert, lives in Portland, OR (I hear it’s beautiful country), my daughter, Cecily, lives in Cincinnati, OH (cool place, but beautiful is stretching it.) I miss my kids, wish I could see then more. Which led to me thinking, then obsessing about “Littler Living.” An RV that Colin and I could take on great adventures!

We had taken a road trip in April, stayed in a “snug” hostel in NYC and imagined what it would be like to travel our great country, spend more time with family and friends (all who live outside of Indiana) and build memory upon memory. When the opportunity presented itself I was introduced to my newest passion, Darcy (I named her) – the RV. One quid pro (and a less a wedding ring later) we were united.

I’ve been involved in so many projects I haven’t had a chance for a good chat with her, or even a good look around. What if there is like a million dollars hidden inside, or better yet a Picasso? I am eagerly rubbing my hands together to get to the part where I gut everything and create a vision of how the re-model will look.

Would you join me on this journey? Sharing this experience, getting advice, and a laugh or two is all the motivation I need.

Darcy, meet the world…


I’ve failing awesomely at not updating my site.  For someone that is proud of their time management skills, well…

I wanted to share a cool announcement with you.  I put together a business plan and a video on my vision for Tiny Home Pocket Communities and submitted these ideas to Chip Gaines.  Chip is currently running a contest where he will back a couple of DREAMS!

I probably put my cart before my horse, but I am excited to get this passion project up and running.  

I’ve included the video clip below of my submission below.  My video editor, Colin (my 14 yr old son) and I only had to do about 15 takes.  By the time I got to this one – he quit his job.  In all fairness, it didn’t pay much.

You can see all of the entries by going to

Not sure when finalists will be announced but the winners will be at the end of October.  

There are no Tiny Dreams

Just Tiny houses